The Clinical Foundation of Orthopedics, Orthodontics, & TMD 

The Clinical Foundation was established in 1980 to provide general dentists and pediatric dentists with the latest information on maxillofacial orthopedics, orthodontics, and temporal mandibular dysfunction.

Our continuing education program has eight components presented over a two-year period. The subjects range from interceptive maxillofacial orthopedics on young children, to the treatment of complexed adult TMD patients.

We would like to invite you to become a part of our CFOO family and experience for yourself the satisfaction of being able to improve the quality of life for your patients.

CFOO Continuing Education Program

To all the doctors who would like to give their patients the best possible treatment and do a lifetime of excellent work. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become part of our continuing education program.

CFOO has been teaching Dentists Orthopedics, Orthodontics and TMJ therapy for over 25 years and found these concepts invaluable for developing a modern day practice. The courses are designed for General Dental Practitioners to implement a practical and programmatic approach to your patient’s orthodontic needs.