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Diagnosing skeletal malocclusions requires an analysis that accurately measures the length & position of both the maxilla and the mandible to determine their individual balance or imbalance. Dr. Bimler used the patient’s individual anterior base as the guide to determining these relationships, and in doing so eliminated the need for statistical norms and “racial norm pools”.

 The doctor learns the analysis using a tracing manual and then is provided a tracing and analysis service. The course concludes with treatment planning the most common skeletal malocclusions and evaluating the before & after Bimler analysis.

This Bimler Analysis shows the patient’s mandible trapped skeletal Class II. The position of the maxilla is normal (Factor#1), the length of the maxilla is balanced with the patient’s anterior base, and the dental Division One is normal. The mandible measures short and is trapped by the narrow maxilla and the deep bite. The mandibular length measures short due to the entrapment. 

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